Windows 10 Intro – New features from Microsoft

Window 10 is a computer operating system developed by Microsoft. Microsoft took almost 30 years to take a new start. Its Beta version was released in public for testing purpose on 29th July 2015. Almost millions of people are now using its beta version. Window 10 is free for most of the people and providing a lot of new features and applications. Window 10 is better than window 8.0 and 8.1, most of the people calling window 10 as the most revolutionary version of windows ever.

Windows 10

Window 10 offers a bundle of new features which include improved security system, new web browser and voice-activated intelligent assistant Cortana and better gaming features. Window 10 loads faster, and seems much faster than Windows 7 or Windows 8 and 8.1.

One of the most important features of window 10 is the start menu. If you are upgraded from window 7 then the left side of the start menu looks very familiar, but window 10 is less adaptive than the window 7 version. In window 10 you can’t create a custom menu, pin your important apps to the start menu. You only get a set of  apps which you can pin at the bottom of the menu along with the file explorer and the settings which can be removed later.

Screen Capturing is always a very important feature for almost all Computer users. There are multiple ways to take screenshot on Microsoft Windows .You can do it by a combination of Function and PtrSc keys . You can read this guide How to Screenshot on a HP Laptop Windows 10 to know the complete method of screen capturing on Microsoft Windows.

If you are migrating from window 8 or 8.1, the tiles look quite familiar to the metro start screen, with the new ability to run tiles app in a resizable window on the desktop. The method of grouping tiles is quite different in window 10 but it covers the same ground as in window 8 or 8.1.

Edge is the most modern web browser in window 10 developed by Microsoft. It has a sleek new design and runs fast. Edge has a simple switch to turn Adobe flash player on and off. It also serves as a computer PDF reader which is a very big improvement.

Some of the apps like Skype, mail, calendar, maps etc are not installed in window 10 because it is now a part of Microsoft so; you have to download it from the app store by clicking on the app store button.

Microsoft release regular updates for window 10 but window 10 doesn’t allow the user to turn off the automatic updates. The updates are now mandatory. Theses updates contain drivers and security patches which are annoying to some of the people.


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